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McEwen Mining (MUX): Why so quiet about your news, Rob?

I mean, normally Rob McEwen is bouncing off the rooftops and shouting to the world about McEwen Mining (MUX) any time it has news to offer the market, but for some strange reason he seems to want to keep this one quiet.
  • MUX filed the news late on Friday evening to SEDAR
  • There was no news release to accompany the Reg Fs
  • And today, still nothing from the company

Why would that be? Hmmm…perhaps if we look at the news it might help:

Ah, that’s be it! The company that’s always banging on about how awfully other mining companies treat their shareholders by diluting them away from the bottom line benefits is….diluting their shareholders to the tune of 47.87m shares. That’s a 14.2% dilution to current shareholders, assuming full take-up at these prices.

Funny how Rob suddenly goes quiet like this, innit?

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