Take physic, pomp

Meanwhile, in that other haven for narcos…….

…..a big drugs raid in the Venezuela border region with Colombia today does away with five cocaine labs that supposedly combined can churn out seven or eight metric tonnes of the stuff per month, confiscates 1.5MT of pure cocaine, all the manufacturing gumph, arrests, etc etc

This puts Venezuela on 17 drugs labs decommissioned in 2009 and 5MT of cocaine not going up the noses of the blue-eyd whiteys (™Lula). But it’s all Hugo’s fault, you know. Thanks to UL for the headsup on this report.

UPDATE: A very good mail from regular reader ‘ebear’ tonight. Here it is:



I think someone needs to correct Lula on this blue eyes thing. Sure, cocaine is a recreational drug for some white upper class boys – Wall St springs to mind – but the greater harm is done in the black communities where freebase cocaine (crack) is cheap, widely available and highly addictive. A cynic (or realist?) might view this as another in a long line of deliberate policies to keep the black community in America from attaining any real economic power or control over their lives. It certainly looks that way when you consider the ineffectiveness of the so-called War On Drugs™. As you yourself have often pointed out, this war is waged much more effectively in those nations that don’t have a DEA presence. Why is that, I wonder?

Lula and others who keep repeating this white boy myth really ought to be better informed. Blowing the problem off as something created by North American demand misses the point entirely. Cocaine, in its most evil manifestation “crack” is causing untold harm and misery to people whose only difference from the poor and oppressed of Latin America is that they happen to live in El Norte. The color of their eyes has nothing to do with it. The color of their skin most definitely does.



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