Every why hath a wherefore

Mere coincidence, of course

On December 28th 2013, IKN wrote this:

Bad news for Dynacor Gold (DNG.to) 

As from January 1st 2014, the Peruvian authorities are cracking down on the illegally mined ores coming into Nazca and Chala. IKN predicts a margin squeeze at DNG as from 1q14.

Today, we have this from the company:

Dynacor Temporarily Suspends Ore Purchases for its Huanca Gold and Silver Ore Processing Plant

And the reason? Well, go take a look at the NR for yourself.

Just sayin’.

UPDATE post-open: Oh.
Casey Research subscribers should expect their soothing “nothing to worry about here” emergency update mail very shortly. So don’t ask me, I didn’t pump it to you. I’m just this pissy little blogger, y’see.

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