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Message for Barry Critchley, reporter at Canada’s Financial Post

plagiarisingpresent participle of pla·gia·rize (Verb)

  1. Take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own.
  2. Copy from (someone) in such a way.

On the morning of October 3rd 2012, IKN ran this note about Sulliden Gold (SUE.to). On the afternoon of that same date you ran this note on Sulliden Gold, re-hashing the same basic information and giving no credit for any original idea source.
On October 14th IKN ran this post about the results of the Sulliden (SUE.to) AGM. On October 15th you ran this report of the same AGM, repeating the same basic information and giving no credit for any original idea source.
On October 9th IKN ran this post on Liberty Silver (LSL.to), which amongst other items voiced doubts about the way in which the stock managed to get a TSX “dot TO” listing after coming straight from the US OTC board. On October 13th in this post we reiterated the same doubts and expanded somewhat on the theme. Today, October 17th 2012 you file this report on Liberty Silver (LSL.to) and place plenty of emphasis on the same question. Yet again there’s no credit given for any original idea source.
Moral of the story: Give credit next time or pay the consequences, motherfucker. And your moustache looks stupid as well.

PS: Thought about writing, “…your pissy moustache looks really fucking assface megastupid as well” but decided not to. Because I didn’t want to offend.

UPDATE Friday: The stories have been updated and IKN given credit. It was, according to the paper, an honest mistake. So there you go.

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