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Message to Canadian viewers

The previous post (also linked here) was not meant to make you feel good. It was not an attempt at humour either, unless you think murder is funny. It was written to point out, very clearly, that Canadian mining companies are responsible for assassinations in Latin America and it’s your problem if you can’t live with that fact, not mine. Thanks for all the mails and anonymous messages and feel free to stop reading this blog. Any offended, bleeding hearts that can’t face the truth about some of your fellow countrymen will not be missed.

UPDATE: I really don’t want any more mails on this, not even from people who agree with me. Try living outside your comfort zone for once. Try mailing Blackfire instead. Or your parliament representative, perhaps.

UPDATE 2: Newswires now picking up on the story. It only took five days for them to care….

MEXICO CITY — The killing of an anti-mining activist by a motorcycle gunman has led investigators to question staff at a Canadian owned mine in southern Mexico, a spokesman for the company said CONTINUES HERE

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