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Mexfiles does Chapo Guzmán

On hearing the news this weekend that Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán had escaped from Mexico’s high security El Altiplano prison via a 1.5km tunnel and after the laughing stopped, I decided to wait patiently for The Mexfiles to run on the story rather than post a trite word or three here. My decision to wait was justified a few minutes ago, here’s how RG’s pearl of a post begins:
The story being given out — that somehow someone managed to dig a 1.5 Km tunnel (just under a mile) from outside Altaplano Prison into Chapo’s shower… UNDETECTED — is shall we say, an unprecedented opportunity for Mexicans to indulge in mordant humor? 
Even His Excellency, Bishop Raúl Vera, has turned stand-up comic, suggesting the country build a monument to Chapo… who by his escape has shown the world how very corrupt both the penitentiary system and the “high echelons of power” are in this country. 
It’s hard to believe, and it appears almost none of those who make their living following the narco-biz, do believe the official story.  Under the jokes there is the sense that the “great escape” is the final straw in any belief that the present administration is competent to deal with national issues.
It then gets even better, so go read it all on this link.

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