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Mexico Swine Flu Update

For all news and views coming out of ground zero Mexico on the quickly-becoming-world-number-one headline story about the swine flu outbreak, I thoroughly recommend you switch channels immediately and go to The Mex Files, as RG is on the case and updating regularly. He’s already posted on the situation in downtown and provincial Mexico, but now he’s dug up a story about how BigAgro and its confined space farming techniques for pigs in Mexico may (repeat ‘may’) have created the breeding ground for the mutated virus. Interesting stuff.

Go see for yourself. Here’s the link to The Mex Files. Use it and be wise before the rest of them.

UPDATE: I just happened across this report in Mexian daily La Jornada and it’s worth sharing, I think. According to Mexican doctors in the thick of things, early diagnosis and treatment of the swine flu virus strain that’s making all the headlines is effective in treating the problem. That, in my book, is good news. Here a translation of the quote from the doctor:

“…the information we have is that those patients that are admitted early are managing to control the effects of the virus.”

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