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Mickeyman does the Barkerville (BGM.v) booth

Our host over at The World Complex toured PDAC today and gave us his reflections on the day, including this:

Over lunch I thought about what sorts of remedies there should be for disgruntled shareholders. It’s unlikely they’d ever be allowed to physically injure anybody, but one idea that occurred to me was that for each board lot should entitle you to one sledge-hammer blow on the CEO’s car. Now, it’s true that after 50 or so such blows, the car would be a write-off, and the next 14,950 or so shareholder hammer-blows would technically be wasted, but may be cathartic. So that will be my next recommendation to the compliance officer at the OSC.

Which I liked. Go see all the post, which includes the interaction at the Barkerville Gold (BGM.v) booth that kicked it all into gear.

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