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Mickeyman: “You may have what it takes to be a Kitco gold expert”

We know that Mickeyman over at The World Complex is a whizzo when it comes to stats and numbercrunching, so it’s a happy thing that he’s picked up on this IKN post and data regarding the monkeys with dartboards that Kitco uses to “predict” forward gold prices and has added plenty more flavour to the mix.
Go see his script and especially his charts, right here. Here’s how his post starts, in order to whet thine lips:

I know you’ve always dreamed of it. But you are probably asking yourself . .  how could I ever develop the wisdom and insight to be a Kitco gold expert? It must take years . . . no, decades . . . of intense study to develop the necessary mental acuity. 

Anyway, Otto at the IKN blog claims that the Kitco gold experts are as useful as monkeys with darts. I say they are less useful. Let’s investigate, using the table of data helpfully posted at the above link.

Whole thing here, recommended reading.

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