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Mike LaSusa with a good analysis of Venezuela today

One thing that strikes this reader about the information provided in the English language about Venezuela to the world is the role reversal of traditional media sources and blogs; for most other subjects the mainstream provides the measured voice and (reasonably, with editorial slant showing) factual reporting while blogs steam off on their tangents and stomp their feet on soapboxes. With Venezuela it’s the other way around and if you want to read reasonable viewpoints that examine facts and opinions of both sides, you’re far better off avoiding the agenda-ridden high traffic shows. 
In this post, Mike LaSusa puts together a measured view of how Venezuela looks today, as the worst of the protest violence recedes. Here’s how he wraps things up, but you’d do well to read it all because it’s far more nuanced than a single paragraph can show:

It remains to be seen what will come of the peace negotiations, and there are real issues President Maduro has to address aside from the recent social unrest. However, with deepening split between those who see Capriles as a sellout and those who view the hardcore wing as anti-democratic extremists, it will be difficult for the opposition to present itself as a coherent alternative to the well-established Chavista system. As the saying goes, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

Read it all here.

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