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Minefinders: Fundies still count for something

On Thursday 6th, just after the quarterly results came out at Minefinders (MFN), your humble correspondent ran the post “Minefinders (MFN) puts in a poor quarter” which pointed out that….errr, well…they’d put in a poor quarter. Since then the stock has done this…..

…which makes the paid-off analysts like Thomas Tan at Europac (the Schiff place) look pretty stoopid as he and a lot of other kneejerk cheerleaders were all bullish about the report.

Hey Thomas, I can’t believe that you actually raised your projection on MFN from $10 to $12 on the strength of this piece-o-junk report. I hope for your sake you didn’t mention your crappy call to Sir Peter himself. Y’see it’s one thing to actually read a quarterly earnings report and quite another to understand it.

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