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Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to): What if they announced a takeover and nobody came?

Well, so far I’ve seen a full US Dollar erased from my Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to) paper gains thanks to Monday morning’s buyout deal with Pan American Silver (PAA.to) (PAAS):

Which is slightly annoying, but I’m going to hold through on this because there’s a distinct feeling this is act one in the opera, not the bit where the fat lady comes out and hits a high C or two.
The underlying reason for the MFN weakness is this, of course:

So I might be slightly miffed about the reduced gains since Monday, but I’m unlikely to feel the same way towards MFN as large holders of PAAS are feeling towards Geoff Burns right now. DYODD, dude.

UPDATE: Wowsers, this reversal is strong enough to put MFN green on the day. Huzzahs all round.

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