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Minera Andes (MAI.to): 2q10 production at San José sucks less than 1q10

Minera Andes (MAI.to) along with operator Hochschild (HOC.L) this morning reported the production numbers for their San José silver/gold mine in Argentina. Here are the straight production numbers stacked up against previous quarters for comparison.

This is the silver count:
This is the gold count:

Remember that only 49% of the above production is due to MAI.to, with 51% going to HOC. The overall is that the number don’t suck quite as much as they did in 1q10, but they’re still not great. Production ran at plenty less than the permitted maximum for the mine due to underground issues (check the NR for more), which has been an ongoing problem at the asset.

On the other hand, looking at the price chart…..

…..and assuming the normal cash costs etc for the quarter, there may be a bit of upside in this stock when the revenues and results are announced next month. I have my own ideas on that one from the model and will pontificate in the next Weekly, out Sunday. Meanwhile, DYODD, dude.

PS: Recall the big downside to this stock is that The Zeds over at the Can of Corn like it and pump it. It’ll all end in tears, y’know….

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