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Minera IRL: A news release from the company is on the way

Good news (probably). This humble corner of cyberspace has learned that the Board of Directors of Minera IRL have decided to stop treating their shareholders (i.e. the people who own the company) with complete contempt. We hear that at this moment and all thanks to the light shone upon their creeping in the shadows attitude, the directors are preparing a news release that will be published early next week in order to state their position more clearly and try to allay the 100% justified suspicions of we shareholders as to their true motives.
Up to this point, all we know is that this band of arrogant fools who don’t own a single share of IRL between them want to award themselves the right to emit over 115m shares to whoever they want and at whatever price they want without getting any extra permissions from shareholders. We also know that they intend to permanently withdraw the company from the London Stock Exchange (AIM market) and due to the total lack of mention of plans for the Peru listing, the implication that they’re about to leave their Peruvian shareholders in the lurch is also very clear.
I repeat: The board of directors of Minera IRL lost any rights to “innocent until proven guilty” after the shitshow they heaped upon their shareholders all through 2015. It’s now their job to convince us they’re worthy of our trust, it doesn’t work the other way around with these jokers. I hope the NR they publish next week is a good one.

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