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Minera IRL: How to vote in order to save the company (important)

Fellow shareholders of Minera IRL, you have been immensely patient over the months (in fact years) of this company’s mismanagement and its woeful tale. You have also been patient and kind with this humble corner of cyberspace, which is greatly appreciated. But today I have good news; we are just days away from fixing this mess forever, kicking out the bad guys, bringing in the good guys and getting this company and its valuable Ollachea project back on line.
This week I had a second meeting with the group of dissident shareholders who, collectively, brought the nefarious goings on at the company under this new rapacious board of directors to my attention a couple of weeks ago. The shareholders, all Peruvian and between them owners of many millions of shares, made it clear that if the current board is voted up at the upcoming AGM, the company is going to be sold down the river and the proceeds diverted away from us, the shareholders. Evidence is overwhelming and as we have seen in the series of post these last few days…
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…the current board has lied to you and has desperately tried (and failed) to cover the tracks of their dirty plans since the light was shone upon them.
Here’s how we must vote in order to save the company. And please note, I know I’ve already shown you this proxy example sheet in a previous post last week, but:
1) There is one very important change
2) You can still change your vote if you have already voted. You just go back to the ComputerShare site and change. It is your right to be able to change your vote.
The big difference is that we are now voting FOR the director Gerardo Perez. This is important, those of you who have already voted against Perez are kindly requested to change their vote.
We also vote FOR the filing of the annuals and the auditor.
We vote AGAINST all other proposals, including the directors O’Kelly, Weyrauch, Bavin and Schafer, plus the two highly toxic resolutions (8 and 9) these people want to push through in order to enact their plans.
By doing this, it means that Gerardo Perez will be able to reconstitute the board of directors and nominate highly qualified people who are 100% cast-iron guaranteed to safeguard the rights of us, the shareholders. With new directors in line with shareholder interests, the board would not de-list from the London AIM exchange and they would not emit the extra shares they want, up to and including 115m, at any price they want and to anyone they prefer. Voting for Gerardo Perez, a highly regarded Peruvian lawyer with deep and long-standing contacts in the country and the way in which State-run entities work, will set off a virtuous circle chain reaction that will expedite the Cofide deal (something else the current board wants to throw out, no matter what they say in public), protect shareholders, allow the Ollachea project to go ahead as part of Minera IRL (and not sold to somewhere else), stop the deep share dilution and ensure Minera IRL re-lists on the London AIM stock exchange.
In other words this stops the rape of our company, the one we shareholders own. We will get a good board, one aligned with us, for the first time since the death of Courtney Chamberlain. We will then be able to enjoy the fruits of a successful company and a stock price that will climb high, instead of being fed scraps by fatcats. Thank you for your attention.
PS: Peru shareholders, don’t wait until the last minute and please get your votes in now. Voting in Peru is scheduled to close before other jurisdictions.

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