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Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L): Here’s something fun you can do…

…with information supplied in the last two NRs.

1) Read this (IKN highlights):

“Minera would like to confirm that Eric Olson, Chief Operating Officer,
has not had permission to enter Peru revoked by the Peruvian immigration
authorities as speculated, nor has he broken any immigration rules. In
common with most expatriates who work in the global mining industry, Mr.
Olson works on a rotation system which includes 6 weeks in Peru, and 2
weeks outside Peru

2) Ring the number and talk to the COO, Eric Olson:

Minera IRL
Eric Olson (COO)
+1 (416) 907-7363

3) Ask him his current location (answer: Dominican Republic)

4) Ask him when he was last in Peru (answer: “Middle of October”)

5) Ask him when he plans to return to Peru (answer: November 16th)

Funny how Team Hodges says one thing at one point but then the facts behind their statements turn out to be different, innit guv? And IKN can assure you that if he answers any of those questions in a substantially different manner to the prompts above, he’s a COO that’s guilty of dissemination of false and misleading information. 
Oh, and before you ring off you might like to ask him if he’s feeling nervous about going through immigrations at Lima airport on the 16th. Y’know, just to have something to chat about.

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