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Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L): So I get this mail from reader “KP”…

…who’s a long-standing mailpal and knows I never read bullboards:
Otto, as an exception read the Stockhouse Board

for a change. The fact that you published the phone number for Olson and his whereabouts really hit a raw nerve with the guy who posts as “battleready”; nice, somebody  twisted the handle and called him/her “rattle betty”.

KP was obviously referring to the Minera IRL bullboard over at Stockhouse, so just for once I decided to waste a few minutes and went over. And thank you KP, I’m glad I did this time. And here’s the link. And you should go over and read the exchanges there too because I’ve been wetting myself laughing this morning about this Rattle Belly poster. Some wonderful touches include:
1) Not understanding that the phone number in yesterday’s post is the one that Minera IRL supplied in its news release of yesterday.
2) Not understanding the difference between the words “libel” and “liable”.
3) Accusing me of being on the Minera IRL payroll (for the record I’m not on IRL’s or anyone’s payroll).
4) Assumption that somebody inside Minera IRL SA told me Olson’s whereabouts (for the record they didn’t, and between you and me Rattle Belly I have dozens of sources including inside the Team Hodges end of IRL).
5) Basic ignorance of the stock market that’s so crass and repeated it’s difficult to know where to start.
But even with stupidities aside the whole string of exchanges between this joker and the smart people who are on the right side of the fence is Too. Much. Fun. Thanks Rattle Belly, you made my morning.
Go read it all yourself, right here.

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