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Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L): Team Hodges shows its desperation

Today’s NR from Minera IRL Ltd (Team Hodges) shows the utter desperation in their camp with just eleven days to go before the cut-off of voting and thirteen before the EGM. The tactics are now to try and make out the Ollachea community is divided (it’s not), to pretend that its CFO resignation on September 28th didn’t happen (it did) and to try and gag anyone and everyone that dares to speak the truth about this band of usurpers.
It’s a seriously impressive Hail Mary, go read it all here.

PS: After re-reading it, I just started laughing. They’re seriously going to try and tell the world that they have support in Ollachea? After everything the community has already said and pronounced regarding the project and its opinions of Diego Benavides compared to those of the Team Hodges scumbags? That’s just downright crazy, but the thing about the truth is that it just has this habit of coming back to haunt liars. 

PPS: Here’s what Ollachea really thinks of Team Hodges:

Sr. Daryl Hodges

The rural community of
Ollachea is very proud of its territory and its riches and because of that, we
have always defended them against anyone who has wanted to deceive us in order
to appropriate that which we consider our principal resource and the most
valuable asset from our previous generations for our children.

When the company (IRL)
first came (to Ollachea) we conversed with them and reached agreements based on
trust with the people who came as representatives of the company such as Mr. Courtney
Chamberlain, who we always remember with much appreciation and Dr. Benavides,
who we named an Honorary Member of the Community due to his laudable social
leadership and who we elected as the only person authorized for agreements
between the community and the company.

This good relationship of
trust has lasted over eight years, with total respect for our customs and
particularly our territory, which is why we gave our territory as guarantee via
a contract and the our support to the company so that it could obtain financing
with COFIDE.

However, we now see that
nothing is being respected, which is why the General Assembly which took place
yesterday agreed on the necessity to get a clear answer regarding the
announcements of changes in the company that you, in an arrogant manner, spoke
of in the Assembly of July 15th.

Our territory and
agreements are to be respected and with you we have no trust that this will
occur because we feel that you have lied to us and that you do not respect the
relationship that the community and the company have built.

You said that you had
worked in the company for the last eleven years and that you had achieved the
deal for the credit agreement with COFIDE. We have never seen you before, nor
do we agree with you.

You have treated us badly
because you have taken Mr. Courtney’s position, we don’t know how, and you have
ignored he who we named honorary community member, which represents a direct
affront to us.

You mocked us when we said
that you (i.e. the company) should give the position to Dr. Benavides, who
deserves to occupy the main position at the company and not to be an interim.

You said that there will
be a new company, ignoring the good relationship forged between community and
company for eight years.

Until we have your answer,
we will not grant any permission for the development of the drilling campaign
or any activity (at the Ollachea project). If not, we will have to take further
action. We await your immediate answer.


Juan Luis Valeriano

President of the Ollachea
Rural Community Directive

Or maybe Team Hodges thinks this letter is a fake?

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