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Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L): The Ollachea community protests against the company, access to project blocked

This is a direct translation of this Spanish language news report:

Puno: Ollachea Paralysed in Protest Against Mining Company IRL 

By Juan Choquetocro, from Macusani 

The community of Ollachea has decided to indefinitely block development activities at the Ollachea gold project in protest against the new president of Minera IRL, Daryl Hodges. The company executive announced changes for the company that are considered to show a lack of respect to the agreements the community has had for the last eight years with the founding executives of the company, Diego Benavides and Courtney Chamberlain, who died last April. 

The member of the Ollachea community say they feel deceived by the new director, because he presented himself to them as the person who had obtained a series of benefits (for the company and community), including the recent debt financing deal with COFIDE for the start of the project. However, the Ollachea community says that Mr Hodges has never participated in any of the agreements with the company and is now looking to take community property. 

The Ollachea community member communicated their decision to the company via a letter that also included several queries. Among them were the question as to why the company had given maximum authority on an interim basis to Mr. Hodges and not to Mr. Benavides. According to the community members, Benavides, who was a few years ago awarded the title of ‘Honorary Community Member’ by them, is the person who should be in charge.  

This weekend the community is holding a meeting to decide on other courses of action they might take, according to the president of the community.

IKN back with a message for subscribers: In IKN237 out this evening you’re going to have a lot more information about this. A lot. It’s a classic can of worms, which is going to be spilled on your lap tonight.

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