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Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L): This thing isn’t like that thing, hypocritical board of directors edition

Once you start reading the NR out of the Minera IRL usurpers this morning with a critical eye, it quickly moves from lightweight content to ridiculous. Ridiculous Daryl, ridiculous. Oh my stars this is going to be so much fun, Jaime! 
Let’s start with just one snippet from today’s NR
The Board is of the opinion that, as a Peruvian and an official of
COFIDE, Mr. Ramos would be unsuitable as a member of the Board because
of provisions of Peruvian law.
…and then compare it to what the same board, but at the time headed up by the ringleader Daryl Hodges as executive chair (voted off by over 90% at the AGM), said earlier this year when welcoming the COFIDE deal:
The Company has agreed to COFIDE’s participation on the Minera IRL board of directors, subject to the required approvals.
Ain’t this cute, Chuck? Oh my stars, and I’m just warming up, Eric. There are literally dozens of things to come from perhaps the worst ever board defence NR in the history of junior mining activity. And what’s going to be great about this isn’t just that Team Hodges is going to lose. That’s a given, people. It’s how they’re going to be utterly humiliated during the whole process and then lose and then they’ll never be able to show their faces in polite company ever again.

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