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Minera IRL: It appears Daryl Hodges is officially full of shit…

…and the long-held IKN position regarding the complete bullshit he peddled about Diego Benavides while at Minera IRL has been ratified by an independent, internationally recognized third party auditor. This from the Minera IRL NR this morning:
The findings of the forensic investigations of whistle blower
accusations by Baker Tilly (Peru) delivered on May 24th disclosed there
was no credible evidence of wrong doing or criminal misconduct by Mr.
Diego Benavides or other members of the management team. Accordingly his
authority to manage the affairs of the Company in Peru has been fully
Hoodathunkit, eh? It’s worth recalling that Daryl Hodges used exactly the same whistleblower smear campaign scheme to try and get rid of who he perceived to be his enemies when he was CEO at Jennings (before he was fired). And once he’d gone and those whistleblower accusations had been investigated, no wrongdoing was found either.
Daryl Hodges tried to ruin the reputation of Diego Benavides by spreading scurrilous lies about him, both in Peru and internationally. The truth is now out and the tables have been turned, it’s Hodges’ reputation that’s now in tatters and no company worth its salt will ever employ this pathetic excuse for a human being ever again.

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