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Minera IRL: It’s beginning to dawn on Cofide…

…that they’re deep in the excrement. About time too, the freakin’ dumbasses. I mean, this band of fools try to get an asset for U$70m, then when Minera IRL doesn’t just roll over and play dead demand an arbitration procedure without even noticing how weak Cofide’s case is, then when they see their case is weak try everything in their power to stop the arbitration from moving forward. And now the connection between Cofide’s chief Pedro Grados and the piece of crap hired by Daryl Hodges to steal the company back in 2015, Jaime Pinto, is finally coming to light. The truth behind that cosy partnership has only just begun to be revealed, too.

Meanwhile, according to the on-record statements of the IRL chairman, the company can’t wait to get the arbitration process going. What does that tell you?

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