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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) and a Special General Meeting

This week has made 100% clear that Minera IRL management has decided to entrench even further. Apparently, they think that merely listening to the same complaints they have been reading in mails from dozens of shareholders and then replying with exactly the same platitudes and lies as before is enough. Diego Benavides must think if he ignores us, we’ll go away. Therefore, as Minera IRL has not engaged Concerned Shareholders in any meaningful sense, we are left with no choice but to call a Special General Meeting (the AGM is prone to all sorts of delaying tactics, it has to be an SGM), at which management and all the board of directors should expect to be kicked out and replaced by a Receiver. Maybe, when they are all out of jobs and under criminal investigation, they’ll realize we were not joking. Details on Sunday, fellow CSs.

They are all going, ladies and gents, the whole fetid corrupt bunch.


    Let’s do it ASAP! 7 years of HELL.
    “Take no prisoners and never surrender”
    John Paul Mc Dermott


    I still like the idea!


    I’m on board.
    Let’s get this sorry mess sorted out.


    Can you explain why you want a receiver, instead of an alternate board and management?
    Isn’t it a receivers job to make sure debtholders are paid but not to maximize assets and shareholder value?


    We don’t deserve you. 😀

    Nikko Montreal Ouest 26/08/21 6:16 am

    Rule #1 : Only buy shares in a company where management is on the side of shareholders. Author clearly made a huge judgement error. Good luck with the fight though.


      I thought Rule One was never make any mistakes ever. And you have obviously mastered it and are willing to further this knowledge the comments sections of backwater blogs. Tell us more, smart guy.


        As sad as is it is to say…. He’s right. Not one person in their right mind should have put money into a junior where the ceo makes 500k USD a year. We have no one to blame but ourselves. A lapse of judgment is a soft way of putting it.


          You need a history lesson. Just because Benavides turned out to be a liar and a scoundrel doesn’t make the previous alternatives any better. MIRL shares would have been zero 5 years ago if Daryl Hodges had had his way.

          Educate yourself about MIRL before loosening your tongue on this website, you are not in amateur hour or a Twitter circlejerk here.


    DB was right for not loosing value, but is wrong for creating additional value.
    Lets see what happens. If China pays it might be good.


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