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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) and anonymous

This is not a post for a wide audience, more for people who care about signals on one very small and backwater ticker. Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) has seen improved trading in June, with decent liquidity and volume most days after its small recent news flurry and clear progress in Cofide negotiations. But this week things dropped down a gear, the bids are back under control of House 1:
Seeing Anonymous step up and feel a little more confident about capping the price run on MIRL is good news, it gives anyone who wants the chance to load up before the real news is announced. It’s going to be the one of the most satisfying spectacles of 2020 to watch Napoleon Valdez lose tens of millions of dollars, as well as his undeserved reputation in Peru society, as his money flows away from his pocket and in the direction of the honest and the patient.

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