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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) and missing information

The news from Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) this morning on the filing of its Corihuarmi resource is missing some specific details, namely the mail addresses of the corporate communications people at the company. As IKN is sure there are shareholders wishing to know more about the happenings inside IRL, we are happy to rectify their absolutely accidental omission that wouldn’t possibly happen again:

  • Susan Gabbie: Chief Communications Officer: susan.gabbie@irl.com.pe
  • Pedro Valdez, VP Investor Relations: pedro.valdez@irl.com.pe

We believe it important that IR people are as transparent and available to shareholders as possible. And for good measure here’s the mail of the other new executive appointment, Steve Ngatai: steve.ngatai@irl.com.pe. If you have any questions for these people, please do not hesitate in sending them a mail. Also, feel free to BCC me in if you want, I may be able to help 🙂

UPDATE: For the record, your author visited the offices of Minera IRL this afternoon:

However, I was told that both Susan Gabbie and Pedro Valdez were out of the office. After waiting an hour, I began to suspect they aren’t back in today. I will go back tomorrow.


    Can we collect the questions here and send them together? Gives them more time to focus on the milestones like bringing the new website online.


    Quantity has its own quality.


    Sedi reports that the new people bought shares of mirl no numbers yet[Pedro Valdez,Steven Nagatai,Susan Gabbie].This is good to see.I like to see Diego’s buy a few million.


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