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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) and Pedro Valdez’s actionable falsehoods

Thanks to the persistence of fellow shareholder “WZ”, who received a reply from Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) IR person Pedro Valdez to his mail of inquiry today, we now have Pedro Valdez caught in an actionable falsehood. CEO Diego Benavides probably realizes how much trouble he is in, because why else would his brand new C-suite colleague Pedro Valdez deliberately decide to lie in a business mail to a shareholder of the company that pays their extremely over-bloated salaries? Here’s a screenshot of Pedro Valdez’s reply (with WZ’s name removed, ty sir) and I’ve even put a red box around the magic moment:

Please note the sentence in question: “The three recently appointed executives have the qualifications required for the positions.” That is a lie, ladies and gents. That’s false, it’s untrue, it is simply not the case and the mere fact he then links to a news release that also provides zero insight to the qualifications or experience of Steve Ngatai, Susan Gabbie and Pedro Valdez is another example of their desperation.

Pedro, here’s the thing: Shouting and screaming and repeating something until you are blue in the face does not make it true. You are a liar, so now you have committed to publishing your lies in official places it’s going to be very interesting to read the biographies of the corporate additions in your website changes (though why you cannot add them tomorrow morning is beyond me). Up to now, all these people have told us are different flavours of, “We’re experienced and qualified because we say so” but with this official reply, we have the fraudsters in writing and it’s long past the moment these people went the next step: Hey there Pedro! It’s time to give us the pretend job titles for the pretend jobs at pretend companies, all fabricated out of thin air.

Therefore, and considering the lies written to a fellow shareholder by Pedro Valdez today, IKN invites all Concerned Shareholders to write in to the company asking for the specific job titles at the specific companies that Pedro Valdez supposes give them this experience. Equally, we require the specific academic qualifications of these C-suite appointments, with dates and places of scholarship. This is standard practice for a C-suite job, we ask nothing confidential, merely the information all public companies give their shareholders in standard statements regarding new appointments. It will then allow us to do the necessary investigation on Steve Ngatai, Susan Gabbie and Pedro Valdez.

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