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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): Diego Benavides and the presumption of innocence

This is not a court of law. He does not get that privilege.

Instead, we Concerned Shareholders want details of the off-book, consultancy payments Minera IRL has made to members of his family and close entourage. For example, we understand that Minera IRL (MIRL.cse), via its Kuri Kullu subsidiary, has paid the sentimental partner of Diego Benavides the sum of U$5,000 per month since she left the company back in 2014. That’s $5k per month in “consultancy fees”, every single month from 2014 to August 2021, including for example February 2021, the month she spent on vacation with Diego Benavides in The USA.

If it were “5k here and 5k there” it would still be a serious ethics violation, but Diego Benavides has gone much further than that. We want to know whether this math pans out, and whether the romantic partner of the CEO of the company has indeed been paid over U$400,000 in “consultancy fees” over the years. We’d also like to make clear that the sentimental partner of Diego Benavides is just one of his close entourage on these long-term, off-book “consultancy fees”, as many of his family including his own sons have been on the long-term take, too. Details of those in later posts.

All this aside from the most blatant ethics and law violations to date, i.e. the hiring of Susan Gabbie, Steve Ngatai and Pedro Valdez to executive positions of the company. All three are personal friends of Diego Benavides and his sentimental partner, none of them are qualified for these executive roles, none of them have the relevant experience.

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