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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): The company CFO, Carlos Ruiz de Castilla, has been a naughty boy

He’s been covering up for his boss, the corrupt thief Diego Benavides, in the company’s official Canadian market regulatory filings as this band of criminals do everything in their power to cover up the deceit and lies. It works like this:

On July 27th, Minera IRL told us about its three new executive appointments:

LIMA, PERU – (July 27, 2021) – Minera IRL Limited (“Minera” or the “Company”) (BVL:MIRL) (CSE:MIRL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Ngatai as Vice President of Projects, Susan Gabbie as Chief Communications Officer, and Pedro Valdez as Vice President Investor Relations. All of the appointments are effective as of August 1, 2021

We know these three people are as useful as a chocolate fireguard, but appointed as executives they were and effective as from August 1st. However, when Minera IRL came to file its standard monthly report to the CSE market describing its activities for the month of August, the CSE, we see this:

And also this:

In both spaces where details of new appointments are required by the CSE, be they employees, officers, management, C-suite, directors or what-have-you, the formula was left blank. “Not applicable”, when in fact those categories should have been very applicable. So just in case, your author also checked the Minera IRL July 2021 filing to CSE, but the new appointments were not mentioned there either. And so it didn’t come as much of a shock when, just a couple of days ago, MIRL filed its report on September 2021 activities to the CSE and there was still no mention of the three officer-level appointments made by the company in July, effective August.

This is no mere lapse or oversight, ladies and gentlemen, this is a deliberate omission by the CFO of the company in order to aid and abet the ongoing criminal fraud being committed by Diego Benavides, Steve Ngatai, Pedro Valdez and Susan Gabbie. With September’s filing and not a mention of these “officers”, we now know CFO Ruiz de Castilla is also in cahoots with his corrupt thief of a boss. MIRL is trying to keep the arrival of Steve Ngatai, Pedro Valdez and Susan Gabbie away from the attention of The CSE because, as officers, the market authorities require the CVs of such appointments for their records. The corrupt thieves at the very centre of this sham, namely Diego Benavides and his live-in girlfriend, realized the problem; they may be the close personal friends of Steve Ngatai, Pedro Valdez and Susan Gabbie but they also knew these unqualified wastes of space had no real right to their high-paying executive positions. It was all a Potemkin Village show, fabricated around three people without either the qualifications or the experience in order to try and fool us all. So naturally, Benavides decided not to report its fake appointments to Canada and, for three official Reg Fs in a row, has got his CFO (also deep in this sordid mess) to omit the dirty details. Look who signs off on the monthlies:

Once again, CEO and Liar Diego Benavides manages to keep his signature from an incriminating document and by getting Carlos Ruiz de Castilla to sign off on the CSE monthly documents, his underling also gets all the criminal charges. Maybe we shareholders should mail The CFO of Minera IRL…

…and warn him of the trouble he’s in, things like arrest and jail.


    Unbelievable on how some public companies operate. Are they really that confident they can operate above the law with impunity?


      Canada doesnt know how to prosecute fraud. The rcmp dont understand it… You signed a sub agreement saying you can lose all your money… Sorry. Thats about what you get from our dipsticks


    Thanks for your information Mark.I’ll continue to e-mail my complaints to the company.


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