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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): The Concerned Shareholder (CS) group has a message for the Canadian mining community

For the Peruvian mining community, too. In fact, the whole world can join in and our message to you is this:

Are you smarter than a bucket of cement? If so, you can run our company.

The CS group has formed with the intention of removing the CEO of Minera IRL (MIRL.cse), Diego Benavides, and the entire board of directors. This we will do at the upcoming AGM in December, be in no doubt that he will be voted out by shareholders at that meeting. The man is a liar, a thief and has done nothing to move the company forward, all while stuffing his pockets with our money. He is the single greatest liability to the company and our group would vote for a bucket of cement over him at the upcoming AGM.

Which means today, a new message goes out to the world of Canadian mining: If you, dear mining professional, are smarter than a bucket of cement, or you consider your company, your management team, funding group or brokerage to be smarter than a bucket of cement, we have a job opportunity for you. For no initial cost, you get to be CEO of a publicly-traded, operating, precious metals mining company in Peru, with free cash flow and prospective assets upon which to add more value. You get an excellent salary (CEO Benavides is on U$50k a month, we can talk) and you also get to provide jobs for your preferred team members. All you need to do is offer a proxy slate at the upcoming Minera IRL AGM and we will vote for you.

And be clear, the “bucket of cement” line is only to grab your attention, we the CS are serious about this. It’s not a joke, we are really going to vote him out and the opportunity to take over control of Minera IRL really exists. If you’re interested, contact any member of the CS group.

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    Are you going to put together a press release? There are probably many investors that don’t read the blog who I’m sure if given the heads up would also ask questions.


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