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Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): The fun begins next week, but…

…it’s already hugely entertaining at the Minera IRL Concerned Shareholders’ bullboard, found here. Not only have we uncovered a whole heap of corporate wrongdoings and corrupt activity, but Diego Benavides and his pinche, Pedro Valdez, have tried to enter the conversation and push back against the rising tide of shareholder rejection by creating the handle “GermanyBoy” to attempt to disrupt things. The response from fellow Concerned Shareholders has been wonderful and watching the corrupt fools at the head of this company get served, time and again, has been high entertainment. Your humble scribe has been posting regularly there as well, adding extra revelations and evidence of the multi-million dollar fraud being perpetrated by these criminals. The management and board are up to their necks in trouble and they know it, as do the close friends and family of CEO Benavides. On the take for years, they don’t just face public humiliation any longer; it’s much worse than that.

However, as from November 22nd things will start to get more serious, which is why this cordial invitation is going out via this humble corner of cyberspace. Since the fight to re-gain control of our company from these white collar criminals began, efforts of the CS group have concentrated at the SI bullboard (rather than the CS list, as we didn’t want to pepper suffering holders with umpteen mails) so all MIRL shareholders are encouraged to go over and see how far the information and discoveries of serious and obvious corporate wrongdoings have progressed.

I haven’t clogged up this blog with the Minera IRL mess as it would have been boring for most IKN readers. However, as from next week and when MIRL publishes its AGM materials (due to hit SEDAR on November 22nd) that changes, not least because there’s a serious trade opportunity afoot: Put simply, we oust Benavides and the share price will fly, but if he remains in power the company is doomed. Guess which alternative everybody except GermanyBoy is rooting for on the bullboard? As stories of corruption and greed go, this one really takes some beating. Check it out, if only for the laughs.

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