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Minera IRL (MIRL.L) (IRL.to): The community trouble now affecting Corihuarmi as well

The complete ineptitude of Daryl Hodges’s lackeys shows up once again. Not content with completely screwing up the community relations at the company’s flagship at Ollachea (plenty of past coverage on that one) in the South of Peru, this weekend the local community around the company’s small working gold mine Corihuarmi (central Peru) has taken over the mine, blockaded themselves in and all production and work has come to a halt. 
The locals are demanding payments due to them that are undelivered since Team Hodges snatched control of the company away from people who actually know how to run a company in Peru.
Police are on their way to the mine now and we can only hope the situation doesn’t turn violent.

UPDATE: News story on the blockade, form Peru’s El Correo dated September 6th 2015 (today):

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