thus with a kiss I die

Minera IRL (MIRL.L) (IRL.to), today and Sunday

We had a NR from the usurping scumbags today, which you can read right here. Two things to note in it:
  • For a company apparently controlled by a Peruvian lawyer, they have a very poor understanding of Peruvian law. Either that or they’re deliberately trying to hoodwink the world into believing things about Peru law procedure that are simply not true.
  • Did you notice that nobody has the guts to sign off on that NR? Yup, not one “executive” on Team Hodges puts their name to today’s message (you just get contact mails for the CFO and COO). That’s very significant.
But the interesting stuff comes Sunday. Your humble scribe has got to the nub of the whole shebang and will explain all in IKN 333 due out Sunday evening. What I will say here is that Team Hodges doesn’t have a leg to stand on and they now find themselves (rather than the company) in serious personal trouble, legally speaking. Close pals Daryl Hodges and Chuck Higgins may have got away with their nefarious asset-stripping game in other places and other years, but this time they’ve bitten off way way waaaaay more than they can chew. The only way they’re not in Toronto crapping themselves right now is if they’re very, very stupid people. It’s a 50/50 call.
Or as reader BM put it to me a few hours ago in a mail:

I assume Diego Benavides is a member of THE Benavides family. The people at IRL must be living in some sort of alternate universe to think they can win a fight with him (them).

Quite right BM. Hodges and his gang of thieves are on the way out. 

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