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Minera IRL: Thinking Rio Tinto

On reading the thoughts of the large shareholder (post below) regarding the board of Minera IRL and their underhanded ways, it really is interesting to reflect on the rumoured position of Rio Tinto (RTZ), the 19.1% owner of Minera IRL, due to the word on the street in Lima that RTZ is about to vote for the current board of directors and against their own interests.

It’s bizarre that an entity with over 44m shares of IRL would actively vote for a board that’s planning to dilute them to such an extent and ruin their equity holding, unless of course the person in charge of the RTZ holding in Minera IRL, one Justin Quigley, has some kind of pre-arranged deal with some member of the IRL board of directors. And after the RTZ bribery and corruption scandal in Guinea, it would be off-scale crazy to see some employee of RTZ get involved with murky stuff all over again.

So if you, kind fellow shareholder of Minera IRL, have an opinion to give to RTZ on this issue, feel free to contact Justin Quigley on this mail address…


…and tell him how you feel.

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