Take physic, pomp

Mining ops at Newmont’s (NEM) Red Lake have been shut down for the last four days

And counting. 
Turns out that the people who are supposed to be monitoring the potential for flooding at the mine have not been doing their job. So when a consultant hydrologist walked into the mine last week and asked to see the water flow data over the mine (particularly the bits that now connect the new mine to the old Cochenour mine, an area deemed at risk for flooding), there was none to give because they found out there and then that the monitoring stations were all off-line. At this point, the consultant points out that it would probably be bad PR if the mine suddenly flooded and killed a couple of hundred workers and as a result, all UG ops have been suspended.
Here at IKN we are sure that NEM planned on telling us about this unholy snafu and that it probably just slipped their minds.

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