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Mining PRs and the Ottotrans™, part 13

Here we go with another in our occasional series of looking at the gobbledygook written by junior miners in their news releases and translating it into real English. Today’s episode comes from Greystar Resources (GSL.to), the company that firstfooted the Santander Norte zone of Colombia and has made snail’s pace development at its Angostura project (deep in the heart of a paramilico drug running zone…but don’t let that bother you….cos it doesn’t bother the BS pump analysts from the Canuck houses…so why should it bother you…right?). Anyway, I digress. Let’s get on with the show.

This is what they wrote:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Nov. 2, 2009) – Greystar Resources Ltd. (TSX:GSLNews; AIM:GSL) (the “Company”) announced that the Company will initiate a program of metallurgical testing aimed at investigating the application of agitation leach and/or pre-oxidation as processing methods for intermediate sulphide ore at its 100% owned Angostura gold-silver deposit. Initial testing from both processing methods have shown promising results and further testing is warranted. In the Preliminary Feasibility Study published in May 2009, the intermediate sulphide ore (representing approximately 17% of the recovered gold in the mine plan) was designed to be heap leached which resulted in low recoveries of precious metals. Recent column testing using the intermediate sulphide ore to simulate heap leach conditions have returned recoveries that question the economic viability of only using heap leaching on this ore type. It is important to point out that column testing to simulate heap leach conditions on oxide and transitional ores continue to show very positive results. In addition, flotation testing for treatment of the higher grade sulphide ore to produce a gold bearing concentrate also continues to show excellent results. Given the improvement in the long term outlook for gold, the Company believes that the intermediate sulphide ore may be able to support a more robust processing method which may lead to higher economic returns for this ore type. The agitation leach and pre-oxidation testing programs will take approximately six months to complete, as such the Bankable Feasibility Study is now expected to be completed in the second half of 2010. The Company will continue with the design of the heap leach facilities for treating oxide and transitional ore as well as the grinding and flotation circuit for the higher grade sulphide ore.

David Rovig, President & CEO commented, “Our Preliminary Feasibility Study was based upon $700 per ounce of gold during the first three years of operation and $650 per ounce of gold for the remaining twelve years. These gold prices limited our options for processing of the intermediate sulphide ore at Angostura which contains approximately 2 million ounces of gold. In the current gold environment, both agitated leach and pre – oxidation offer to increase recoveries and improve the economics of this ore type and the project as a whole. If either process is adopted, design modifications such as the inclusion of a tailings impoundment would need to be incorporated in the Bankable Feasibility Study. While this testing will delay the project, the Company will continue to move forward with all other aspects of the project including geotechnical evaluations, social and environmental studies, permitting, infrastructure construction and project finance.”

And this is what it means:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Nov. 2, 2009) – Greystar Resources Ltd. (TSX:GSLNews; AIM:GSL) (the “Company”) announced that after all this time the Company still doesn’t have a freaking clue about how it can get the gold out of this damn stupid sulphide rock, but now that gold is above $1,000/oz we have the chance to throw a couple of hundred extra dollars worth of reagents at the stuff and see if it works.

The project is now going to go through even more delays and the Company has spent the last year kicking ourselves that it didn’t claim that valley just to the South of its big land package where Ventana Gold has been kicking serious ass. Mojitos served, the end.

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