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Mining PRs and the Ottotrans™: Part 9

And it’s ECU Silver again. This company is so scheming and its PRs so asinine and empty of content it’s impossible to resist. You know the old saying about sitting at a poker table…the one that goes something like “if you haven’t spotted the patsy in 15 minutes it’s you”? That applies to this stock in its fullest measure.

A simple question: Why didn’t ECU.to announce its first quarter results in a PR like any decent, normal, open company but continues wasting time by issuing drivel upon drivel?

Anyway, back to the stupidity of its news releases and I hope to have caught the very essence of ECU.to’s IR campaign today. Here’s what it says:

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – June 11, 2009) – ECU Silver Mining Inc. (TSX:ECU) is pleased to report that it has completed one full month of dore bar fabrication.

In our first full month of operation within our oxide resource, we have generated 56 dore bars with a total weight of 1,135 kilograms (kg). Our assays of the dore bars show that they contain a total of approximately 614 ounces of gold and 23,354 ounces of silver. At current commodity prices of around US$950 per ounce for gold and US$15 per ounce for silver, the dore bars generated in the month of May represent a gross value in the order of US$935,000.

Our mining team is advancing nicely with the underground development and the oxide mill continues to operate very well. The mill averaged a daily throughput of 408 tonnes per day (tpd) with the best day being 493 tpd. A total of 12,641 tonnes were treated grading 2.05 grams of gold and 104 grams of silver. This tonnage includes low grade material which was used during initial operation of the mill in its early ramp-up period

And here’s what it means

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – June 11, 2009) – Hi, just thought I’d send a quick note to say we’re having a lovely time. The sun is out and we’ve only had two cloudy days so far so we’ve been lucky. I’ve really caught the sun!!!!!! We’re off to buy ice-creams later.

Wish you were here.

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