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Mining PRs and the Ottotrans™, Part 90

IKN’s occasional series that tries to translate the gobbledegook emitted into the virtual world of information by junior mining companies into something more palatable cannot possibly ignore the wonderful, but wonderful news release out of Joey Freeze’s Candente Gold (CDG.to) this morning. It’s entitled “Candente Gold Reports on Testwork Program for Processing of Mexico Mine Tailings“, it’s full of most marvellous prose and worderation but IKN GETS ITS TRANSLATION DOWN TO JUST THREE WORDS.

Oh yeah, we rule.

This is what they wrote:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Jul 14, 2015) – Candente Gold Corp. (CDG.TO) (“Candente Gold” or the “Company”) provides the following progress update on cyanide leach extraction testwork at McClelland Laboratories, Inc. in Sparks, Nevada for Candente Gold’s Mexico Mine Tailings Recovery Operation (“MMTRO”) located in El Oro, Mexico.
The initial testwork program focused on utilizing industry standard cyanide leach technology to assess the potential for extraction of gold and silver from representative samples collected from the Mexico Mine Tailings during the 2014 Auger Sampling program. A key aspect of the leach testwork program was to subject the tailings samples to additional grinding prior to leaching. Testwork completed by previous owners in the late 1980’s suggested that additional grinding of the tailings had the potential to significantly improve precious metal recoveries. The cyanide leach extraction testwork program did not replicate satisfactory leach extraction figures from the late 1980’s and therefore this aspect of the testwork has been discontinued.
The testwork program also included metallurgical and mineralogical characterization of the tailings, which has provided some insight as to the characterization of the gold and silver in the tailings. As a result additional testwork is planned to assess the potential of producing a gold-silver concentrate for toll treatment at an offsite processing facility.
Importantly, analysis has shown the Mexico Mine Tailings have a silica content of greater than 80%. The combination of high precious metals content and high silica content offers potential for the tailings to be sold to smelters for use as a smelter flux. Expressions of interest have been received and are being pursued. Smelting is a pyrometallurgical process that is utilized to recover metals from concentrates, and in addition it typically recovers a significant portion of the precious metals from the flux.
Evaluation work has also commenced on three additional Tailings deposits within the El Oro area, which Candente Gold has rights to under the same agreement as the Mexico Mines Tailings.
The Company continues to explore Expressions of Interest from groups to finance and/or enter into a joint venture for the MMRTO. The Company is pursuing these interests simultaneously with the leach testwork program.

And this is what it means:

It won’t leach.
PS: Or as a friend of your author’s* commented this morning on seeing this pearl of a NR, “I’ve always been wary of metallurgists and tailings projects. But turning a gold-silver resource into a source of silica is alchemy of the highest order.”

*Amazingly, they exist. Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it, either.

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