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Mitt’s hits

I’ve had a lovely day away from the office, so good in fact that I think I’ll do it again mañana. Meanwhile, on watching the New Hampshire results come in this caught my eye as a list of crunchy goodness: The Top twenty contributors to the Mitt Romney campaign.
Top 20 contributors to the Mitt Romney Campaign
1 Goldman Sachs  $367,200
2 Credit Suisse Group  $203,750
3 Morgan Stanley  $199,800
4 HIG Capital  $186,500
5 Barclays  $157,750
6 Kirkland & Ellis  $132,100
7 Bank of America  $126,500
8 PriceWaterhouseCoopers  $118,250
9 EMC Corp  $117,300
10 JPMorgan Chase & Co  $112,250
11 The Villages  $97,500
12 Vivint Inc  $80,750
13 Marriott International  $79,837
14 Sullivan & Cromwell  $79,250
15 Bain Capital  $74,500
16 UBS AG  $73,750
17 Wells Fargo  $61,500
18 Blackstone Group  $59,800
19 Citigroup Inc  $57,050
20 Bain & Co  $52,500
Data from here. Interesting names up the top there, no?
And before you think I’m getting partisan US politik on you, I’m not. The stated IKN position is that as long as one of the total nutjobs doesn’t get the job (and most are dropping (Perry) or have dropped (Bachmann) away fast already) I don’t give a flying fig if Obama gets back in or a GOP wins the thing.

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