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Wow! Look at what UK blogger ten percent has found out about the crooked British ambassador to Peru, Richard Ralph (above). This is the same guy that was (and still is) up to his neck with Monterrico Metals, the company responsible for torturing Peruvians when they dare to disagree.

After a full two years in office, President Studmuffin has an approval rating of 70%. To celebrate, here’s Correa as seen by the enormously wonderful blog Chiguire Bipolar in the new series “Pimp My Prez”.

hat tip el chiguire bipolar
A new discovery is the great blog on Peru Notas Desde Lenovo. Spanish language, excellent insight, news behind the news, a top class read. Put it on your RSS, too.

Yesterday’s note pointing out the boringly obvious political bias used by Bloomberg Venezuela gets comment from no less an authority than ex-Bloomberg Venezuela journalist. And guess what? Yep, he agrees with me.

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