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Mo’ Richard Fifer

A lot of very interesting feedback and reaction to the post yesterday on Richard Fifer, chairman of Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) so far, and for what it’s worth I’ve spent a good chunk of this morning forwarding the original PDF to people (perhaps people with a slower download link speed are having the problems, because others get to download the 4.9Mb PDF without grief).
One point raised by a couple of mails has been “OK he did prison time for cocaine dealng but dude, it was 1975, he did his probation and may have turned over a whole new leaf” or words to that effect. Well maybe, as long as he had by then turned over a new leaf by and since then has been an upstanding member of the bizworld. Unfortuntely for the people who have had dealing with Fifer since his drug dealing days that’s a crock, so next up we’ll show you how he tried to defraud another member of the Panama mining community to the tune of nearly U$500,000 in the 1990’s (with all the necessary documentary evidence, of course) and only got reeled in by the courts six years after the scam he pulled. New leaf my ass. Watch this space.

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