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Mo’ Sandspring (SSP.v) and the mess that Frank Giustra made

Further to yesterday’s post on Sandspring Resources (SSP.v) and the $300k paid pump from Daniel Davidoff Cigar Ameduri that went the same way as all his rip-offs (i.e. South), reader “IC” was kind enough to remind your humble scribe of the time limit on its land agreement and the way that clock is now ticking loudly. Here’s the relevant info from SSP’s own filings:


Sooo…commercial production in seven months, or pay $20m, or lose the gig. And if the Feas Study doesn’t show, Wheaton is out of there. Now you know why Gran Colombia Gold (CGM.to) are so keen on picking this thing up, Serafino and Frank are desperately trying to bail themselves out using your money. An absolute den of thieves and scoundrels.

Thank you IC for the nudge, it had slipped my mind.

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