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Mo`Fortuna (FVI.to) (FSM) at San José, Mexico

After putting up this post yesterday your humble scribe received a call from the honchos at Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) (FSM). It turns out that there was a protest and a dispute about a water pipeline and the police were called in and heads were banged together, BUT it wasn’t Fortuna’s pipeline! Absolutely nothing to do with the company in fact, as the disputed pipe was on the other side of town to the supply line for the San José mine. And to cover all bases, FVI explained that they had full permission AND community approval for said line, with agreements that went over and above national laws with the people who might have eventually thought they were affected.
What’s most interesting is that the NGO shit-stirrers who wrote the report connecting FVI with the protest knew it wasn’t the mine’s water supply line that was the centre of the rumble….but just went ahead and wrote their piece connecting the mine to the protest anyway. Just goes to show, eh…

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