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Monterrico Metals moves into Ecuador?

Public relations Monterrico Metals style, coming
to an Andean nation near you soon

Once upon a time when Aurelian was top of the agenda, Otto got quite a lot of useful info out of Ecuador’s mining ministry via his own little garganta profunda. All has been kinda quiet on that front recently, but then suddenly in the last couple of days the weirdest message appeared over the World-Wide-Ottoscope.

Apparently, the thugs and human rights tramplers at Monterrico Metals (MNA.L), including the odious liar Andrew Bristow (gives kiwis a bad name) aren’t satisfied with torturing and beating up Peruvian locals (see all the coverage on Majaz for full details) and want to expand their bullyboy activities into the nascent Ecuadorian mining industry, too. Word is that MNA.L has put out feelers in the Mining Ministry and wants to know if there are any good copper projects going on their side of the border.

IKN’s advice to Studmuffin: Don’t do it, Rafa….these dudes bring seriously nasty baggage with them and will screw up your metallic plans bigtime. Just say no to Bristow, Ecuador.

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