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Monterrico Metals Torture: The Peru gov’t opens its official enquiry

Well, it only took three and a half years for the Peruvian gov’t to start caring about the case, but now at long last wheels are in motion. The power of photography, no?

Last night RPP radio reported that the Majaz torture case would be officially investigated by Peru’s Congress. This is the full-on public enquiry method in Peru and although it might not move very fast it will cover all the ground and dig out all the details as it goes along, including the names and addresses of the National Police and Monterrico Metals security guards and bosses.

Intriguingly, the congresswoman in charge of the case, Marisol Espinoza, also mentioned last night that if necessary the case would eventually be forwarded to the International Commission for Human Rights. Oh, my, I’d love to see that arrogant prig Bristow up before the serious world beaks answering difficult questions, wouldn’t you?

And as for you traders who care more about making a buck, a short in MNA.L would help your wallet and the greater good of humanity. The quicker this company goes bankrupt the better. Stick a fork in this pig cos she’s done to a turn.

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