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More evidence of corruption at Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)

In early 2018, the main in-house lawyer for Minera IRL, one Marco Arevalo, resigned from the company. Nothing unusual in itself of course, people enter and leave jobs all the time, however in this case, Marco Arevalo immediately set up his own company and began billing Minera IRL for legal work.

Why leave a company if you plan to work for them afterwards?

From May 2018 until today, Marco Arevalo has continued to be not a, but the main source of legal hours to Minera IRL, as well as being the close personal confidante of Minera IRL CEO and liar, Diego Benavides. Aside from Benavides, the person at the very centre of the corruption at MIRL, Marco Arevalo is probably the only person who really knows what has been going on inside MIRL and at its opaque subsidiaries, Kuri Kullu and SA. However, both Diego Benavides and Marco Arevalo have been very careful to avoid mentioning any name when it come to billing the company, it has all happened via a long stream of anonymous professional billings that, over the last three years, add up to millions of dollars spent by MIRL on legal work done by Marco Arevalo.

All the above is factual. Also, Marco Arevalo is Diego Benavides’s son-in-law.


    The time for niceties and politely asking for clarification is long gone. This cesspool needs to be pumped out.


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    bwhahaaaaa… “niceties and politely asking”? do you know what blog you are reading? nothing against not being polite when deserved, but just saying


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