Tis rigor and not law

More good news! South American Silver management (SAC.to) had a very merry Christmas and would like to thank all you suckers out there for buying their shares

This is very impressive, a pump and dump of shameless proportions. Information garnered from the always useful and highly reco’d site, Canadian Insider
Strange how the members of South American Silver ‘s (SAC.to) management team who were selling all those shares to the suckers who bought into the bullshit pump scam haven’t mentioned a single word about it all yet, innit? It could be due to a massive Dom Perignon induced hangover that’s still raging from the festive season, but I’m sure they’ll get around to saying thank you eventually.
And here’s the whole list, for your deeper reading pleasure: You’ll notice how long’n’thin this below image is, because you need to click on it to see all the information in full size and this list, ladies and gentlemen, goes on for quite a while (Edit: After some mails received it’s now a slightly shorter, easier to read and more palatable version)

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