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More on gold mining costs

The blog Junior Gold Miner Seeker is doing its usual good job in covering and watching the metals and mining presentations and conferences, with this post on Saturday Sept 6th about last week’s BofA/ML bash that gives links to some of the most interesting information from the gig. JGMS also features this chart…
…which was a good choice. All I’ve done is add some horizontal lines at 1k, 1.1k and 1.2k to make it easier to read. Although from the GG presentation and therefore GG’s spinning the info for its own ends, the takeaway for me is the industry averages and how close we are to a whole bunch of majors running losses on operations, even before niceities such as G&A, financials etc are thrown into the corporate pie. That’s either a) gold can’t get much lower b) gold can get lower and put a people out of business c) both. Your call, reader.
Get all the info, all the links and all the fun over at the original JGMS post, right here. Worth your time to do so, metalhead.

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