Every why hath a wherefore

More on Gwen Preston’s deceit

Following on from yesterday’s post regarding the two-faced basic dishonesty at the centre of the Gwen Preston business model, your humble scribe receives this unsolicited message from an exploration stage junior mining CEO (grammar brushed up slightly, message 100% as-is):
I can confirm your Gwen Preston comments. Gibson’s group comes in for $x on a placement provided you pay $y a month for IR services, which includes Gwen Preston. It’s a set deal.

They are all on the take at MIF – and beyond. What needs to happen is they need to be treated as insiders with full SEDI disclosure. Without disclosure I see it as fraudulent. I’ve written to the regulators about this. Of course no reply.
Perhaps Gwen Preston would be so kind as to explain this cozy set-up with Scott Gibson and Kitco. Not to IKN mind you, it’s her subscribers that deserve an explanation.

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