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More on the Minatura investigation: Claudia Herrera arrested on money laundering charges

Further to yesterday’s post, it turns out that Claudia Herrera, country manager for Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) and VP Corp Dev at Minatura, was one of four Colombian nationals arrested in a synchronized raid by police investigating serious crimes. Herrera was in fact in a meeting with Cordoba management when she was arrested (the other Cordoba Minerals people at first thought the arresting officers were a security detail there to escort her to her next meeting) and remanded into custody. She and three others have been charged with being the ringleaders of a money laundering operation, as well as facing connected conspiracy charges. These are very serious charges in Colombia and often conetced there with drug trafficking and suchlike.
We hear that CDB.v has cut all ties to Herrera since her arrest and, in Colombia, has stated to inquiries that the charges have nothing to do with the company. Perhaps they would be kind enough to tell their shareholders in Canada the same thing. In a NR in English.

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