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President Studmuffin today arrived in Paraguay on a 48 hour state visit that’s officially to sign bilateral agreements, make for closer ties between the two countries and reaffirm the fraternal bond etc etc etc blah yada yada.

Interesting that Studmuffin can take two days out in the runup toPresidential election coming up next month (yep, the next bunfight on the list soon with us) and go visit his pally pal Lugo, no? That, to me, is a very strong statement of confidence about how the vote is going to turn out.

It also gives Studmuffin two days away from his major bugbear in life, namely the opposition Ecuadorian press, but guess what the main subject of conversation was in today’s presser in Asunción? Yep, the Ecuadorian press. When they asked him about a recent report from the Interamerican Press Society (SIP) that had Ecuador on the list of countries that doesn’t respect press freedom, this is what he said (via Ottotrans™):

  • “What often exists, not just in Ecuador, is a corrupt and mediocre press that performs a political role.”
  • “I don’t know who has legitimized this organization made up of media proprietors, not even of reporters.”
  • “(The SIP) opinions are given by people that, rather than defend freedom of the press, are defending freedom of the company.”
  • “Where can I report the press gagging of Ecuador’s government? As the media can say many things, the President and the government has the right, based in freedom of expression, to answer.”

Can’t you just feel the love? Téréré served.

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